Christ Light of the Nations is a parish based consolidated Catholic elementary school located at 1650 Redman Rd. in northeast St. Louis County. Christ Light is supported by two parishes: Holy Name of Jesus Parish and Our Lady of the Rosary Parish. Two schools under one roof, Christ Light serves Pre-kindergarten through fifth grade on its elementary wing and sixth through eighth grade on its junior high wing. Trinity Catholic High School adjoins our property, housing ninth through twelfth grades. Academics are combined with faith and character development to prepare students' minds and spirits for life outside the classroom. The words, "faith, knowledge and character," best express the mission and philosophy of Christ Light of the Nations School.

Christ Light of the Nations is fully accredited by the National Federation of Nonpublic School State Accrediting Association and the Missouri Nonpublic School Accrediting Association. Our last self study and visitation by the Accrediting Association was in 2009. We welcome students of any race, color, religion and national or ethnic origin to our school believing that each student brings the gifts of his/her race, religion, national or ethnic origin to our school community which only enriches the lives of the whole community.

Our curriculum specifies what content is taught from one year to the next and encourages mastery of skills based on content. The curriculum incorporates United States history, world history and geography, essential elements of math, science, art, music, oral and written expression, literature and poems, physical education and computers. Phonics and traditional math instruction are among proven teaching methods applied in classrooms. Exposure to foreign language (Spanish) is offered K-8.


Christ Light of the Nations Catholic School is a center for Catholic worship, service, community and education in the Northeast corner of St. Louis County. Our school community is welcoming and joyful. The education at our school focuses on the teachings of Jesus and on nurturing Gospel values and attitudes in our students. The relationships among all members foster the child's growth, positive self-concept and respect for others. The responsibility of Christian education is based in the family with the parents being the primary educators. As partners, parents, teachers and students participate in the educational process. Our parish communities also join in the education of our students by their generosity and witness.

In our child-centered program, we strive for academic excellence and religious development through a variety of learning experiences. We offer a safe and secure environment in which children can grow and learn. We foster an appreciation of cultures and their contributions to a global society. Our curriculum encourages the growth of the whole child. Our goal is to empower each child to develop as a confident individual. This enables the student to learn how to make good decisions and choices, which better prepares each child for the future. A vital part of the curriculum is our use of technology to enhance student learning and to prepare our students to live and work in a technological society. Students will have a desire for life-long learning and have a sense of fulfillment in what they have accomplished.

Each student emerges from Christ Light of the Nations as a person who lives a Christ-centered life, aware of his/her relationship with God, oneself and others. Every student will be able to function in higher learning situations and life using the talents and abilities that each has received from God.